I am Veronica Cabrera and I was born and raised in Puerto Rico.
For the most part I could say my background its in the Fine Arts. I did my last years of studies at the Savannah College of Art and Design, from where I graduated with an MFA in Painting. Previously to that, I did my undergrad in the Escuela de Artes Plasticas de Puerto Rico, with concentration in Painting.
During my time outside the Island I learned a lot of things about life and a lot more about art. As an islander it was something I felt I needed to do. Insular-ism for me, can feel heavy at times when you know there is something more beyond the horizon of the sea. Now living fully in the island I would love to stay endlessly here.
Back to the story, after 5 years of studying and living in Savannah, GA, I decided that it was time to make the move back home. At the beginning it was a frightening idea. It felt like a big challenge to start all over again with basically nothing. Just a few belongings and my precious cat.
Luckily as soon I move back, opportunities started to showed up. Over a year later, my network started to expand, and with this, I started to believe that entrepreneurship could be a serious option for me. It wasn't all clear to me, but with the encouragement of my family and a new net of like-minded individuals, I started my own business path.
Looking forward, I started to take more seriously my new discovered craft.  As I moved along a new way of approaching my creativity; I started formalizing the brand identity.
Now, for the past few years, I have been running my own brand as a solo-entrepreneur, artist, designer and even model for my jewelry. It has been essential for me to keep the concepts of minimalism, sophistication, creativity and the natural world closely linked to the basis of my brand. 
As a creative, Hunterhue®, as thus far, is my most rewarding project.
Art for me is a nerve that has shaped the way I do things and the way I perceive the world around.