Hunterhue® is a registered brand. It is based on the west coast of Puerto Rico. We love that very much! Since its beginnings in 2017, the company's primary focus has been developing its own style within the contemporary fashion, craft and design community in Puerto Rico.  Our mission is to create pieces and collections that elevates the value of natural beauty and our natural surroundings.
The shop currently offers a variety of original jewelry designs and artworks made mainly but not exclusively out of wood, all available through our website and various social media platforms.
For us at HH, jewelry plays a beautiful role when it comes to individual expression. Our designs are unique in craftsmanship and style, with a balanced sense of strength and delicacy.
The most iconic jewelry designs we offer are the rhombus earrings, known for their distinct multidimensional appearance and our Bala necklace collection, for their organic look.
At HH, we believe that strength comes in numbers and this is why we proudly support collaboration with other artists. Throughout the year we present new collections showcasing other artists work through our “Hunterhue Collab Series ™"
This initiative gives artists a new challenge to create on a different format, a new audience to expose their art, and the possibility of networking for new opportunities while continuing to develop their work.
We like to think that each work of art we create carries out our own positive vibes. Each piece is carefully craft to remind you of pretty days and that good energies are around you.