Hunterhue® is a registered brand based in Añasco, Puerto Rico. Since 2017 our main focus has been developing our own style within the contemporary fashion, craft and design community in Puerto Rico.  
Our mission is to create pieces and collections that look playful, yet, minimalist, able to spark a sense of complexity and good craftmanship.
In our online shop and in our Rincón booth you will find various original jewelry designs, such as our rhombus earrings, our golden Luneras and the Hunterhue Collab Series, where we showcase collaborations with other artists creative style.
You will also find our Tropical Art Collections series, of originals works made on wood and on paper.
Our business is inspired by the beauty of our natural surroundings, here in this surreal Island. Surfing, exploring and building a community of like-minded patrons, friends, and creatives. Conquer your hue and see what we have for you!