Hunterhue® is a registered brand with based studio space in Añasco, Puerto Rico.
It solidify its image on 2017 and since then the inspiration of all of its work it's in the beauty of the natural surroundings in Puerto Rico. As a brand we like to see, that through our language and our art we bring relevancy to the importance of admiring and preserving the natural beauty of Puerto Rico.
Since early days, Hunterhue® has focused in developing its own style within the contemporary community of makers and crafters in the Island. At Hunterhue we have developed artistic jewelry pieces that look playful, yet, minimalist; effortlessly showing a sense of sophistication, complexity and good craftsmanship. We love to see these pieces of adornment in every single one of our customers. We feel proud for the trust placed in our work.
In both, our online shop, and our booth in Rincón, you will find original jewelry designs, such as our classic rhombus earrings, our golden Luneras or our Bala necklaces, mostly made of salvaged exotics woods from the Island.
In our Tropical Art Collections you will find series of original paintings and works of art made in wood or paper. An imagery based on the experience of roaming the island, surfing, exploring and tuning into nature.
What keeps the ideas running its the whole lot of love we have for the place we grew; a tiny island in the magnificent Caribe. Our ongoing goal as a brand is to keep growing, and building a community of like-minded patrons, friends, and creatives, here and outside Puerto Rico. We hope to bring new designs, new products and hopefully new collaborations in the future as we grow.
"Conquer Your Hue" means, to find your power, believe in your energy and share it with the world. Like the vibrancy of any color, anyone can reach that high wave length that brings out the best. This is our motto and this is the energy we put in everything Hunterhue®.