Hunterhue Collab Featuring Giniarie K Soto


Giniarie K. Soto Soto is a Puerto Rican architect, artist and designer.

Perfil Giniarie K. Soto

She graduated in 2008 from the School of Architecture at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus with a Bachelor Degree in Environmental Design. She then continued her studies and graduated in 2012 with a Master Degree in Architecture. Her professional path started as an architect in training with an Engineering and Consulting Group in her hometown, Aguada, P.R.

After a year of independent work, Soto returns to San Juan P.R., to work as a Senior Designer in a renowned interior design firm, Lulu Puras Interior Design. An experience that influenced her current professional path and help her refined her style in design. After 5 years of hands-on experience working with the firm, she felt her passion for architecture needed to go along her unique form of art, interior and furniture design. This was the catalyst that motivated the creation of her own independent workplace in 2021, Transforma Estudio,

It’s been a year since Transforma Studio was established, building its own portfolio of clients, with total renovations of spaces under its wing. For Soto, geometry and color are crucial elements in her designs. She’s consistently inspired by nature, her personal and spiritual perception of it. For Giniarie, what truly fulfills her work besides overcoming the challenges of the creative processes, is also the connections she creates with the people that inhabits the spaces she designs.

As part of her artistic career, she has also done private murals, paintings and digital illustrations. She describes herself as a generous creative soul, who finds in art a way to express herself.

For Hunterhue Collab Series, she wanted the viewer to perceive geometry and color within the spatial perspectives created by the shape of the pendants and the composition of the paintings, completed when put together one next to the other. The collection is titled Arco-Línea, and each set of earrings has its own titled. El Abrazo, Reflejos and En Conjunto.

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