One of a kind earring collection series hand painted by local artists in Puerto Rico and other parts of the world.

Featuring artist MA NONG

Born in South Korea, currently lives in Boca Ratón, FL

Graduated in painting from the Savannah College of Art and Design

After living 7 years in South Florida she has found inspiration in the subtropical natural environment of the region. Her work is a look at the natural phenomenon of the fragmentation of light into color. In its palette we can find tones like those of the sky, a bright sunlight, a saturated rainbow or the highly pigmented colors of the southern foliage.

A main element that is constantly changing in her painting is the cube. The variation of its shape and the appearance of transparency creates different planes where color moves back and forth due to its correlation and vitality. Similar to the effect when light vibrates on the material and accentuates the shape of things around us.